POEM: Unpain Vocations

There are long aligns
To unpain vocations
Pro-longed wading to a temp
And after
Many will
Due what tolled
Unwilling to pay the accost
In baring feudal
As unsuitable to be delivered
And forever borne agin
Illiciting that chimerical pro genie
And triumvirate wishes
Only wanting more

This poem is a tribute to those diligently working to carve out vocations that honor their and amidst an and workplaces that would just as soon sell out their for not even a song.  They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold; and I deem them mad because they think my days have a price -- Kahlil Gibran quote POLITICAL BUTTONPerhaps my signature hippie characteristic is opting out of selling myself for a wage.  Many are held hostage to slave wages, and even if you sell your highest desires for a great price, postponing can be chronically haunting.  In the proverbial stick-up in , the question of “ or your ?!” provokes much fretful hesitation.  May you find endless vocations where is well subordinated to your highest hopes and deepest .  Let the begin…

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