POEM — Re: Siding Sells Men

Way too big
For any won
While still
A singular grain of sand
Fore to see

This poem as a humble recognition that is bigger than any won Power Thinks Doing God's Service When Violating All God's Laws--PEACE QUOTE BUTTONWhile is an inescapable facet of any , the response-ability of every , every as , bids us to reflect such a generous and loving weigh of is a way, way bigger than any individual or religion might tempt to hold hostage.  The of religion flails when it takes, sides.  Such iffy religion divides.  The of God reflected in each of us is not meant to be a brand, burned into flesh, the mark of the but, but, but, but, but…   Religion is about pointing to the the ever more of , and not scoring points.  Religion is a thorny means that should knot be mean.  The unkind of up your grasp of religion and anti-religion serves up a paltry view of and costly grays.  Meditating upon, and living in with, the pique experiences of God's unbound should be freeing, not circumscribing. Joy is Most Infallible Sign Presence of God--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON And, still, not showing up with judgment, the eternally elusive God may be realized in a singular grain of sand.  The of and that wonder full carries on, fore bettor or worse, fore to see.  May your of the mysteries of life be more than you could ever bargain for…


God Wants Spiritual Fruits Not Religious Nuts - FUNNY SPIRITUAL BUTTON


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