POEM — His Whole: Life

His whole
Flashed before his ayes
Too living
In singular moments
And unrepeatable joys
Awe the more
In whatever may
A peer
As extra ordinary

Life shrinks or expands according to one's courage --Anais Nin quote POLITICAL BUTTONThis 26 word poem is an example of one of my short poems crammed to overflowing with philosophy and theology.  This poem represents well the wholeness sought in life, ever more full life.  What is sought is a fleshy and flashy process encompassing both the ordinary and extraordinary.  Life is sensuously palpable and profoundly effervescent.  The experience of full life is unique and unrepeatable; there is little room for contrivance or artifice.  Rich inner experience gilds apparently mundane and routine happenings with a freshness and newness.  This whole life opens up before us when we answer our quest in the affirmative: YES!  And to complicate matters, this process is squared round other people presenting their own sinewy inner experience.  Life is messy!

Fear does not prevent death; it prevents life --Nagub Mahfouz quote POLITICAL BUTTONIf the messiness of life is not parlayed into awe the more, then certain inescapable lessens must be confronted.  Inconveniently complicated people (and life itself) are demoted to manageable factions of who they are.  Fear and control creeps, into a dominating existence, relegate living in the shadows of all that matters.  In such abated breath, the nemesis or antagonist of life enters the stage.  But, alas, that is another poem and another blog entry.  May it suffice to say: may your whole life flash before your ayes, and that life be yours.

WALK Around Like You Own Yourself, It's YOUR Life, Take Control Of It POLITICAL BUTTONDon't take life too serious. You'll never escape it alive anyway. Elbert Hubbard quote SPIRITUAL BUTTONLife is what happens while your making other plans. John Lennon quote SPIRITUAL BUTTON

What Conservative Came Up With The Ridiculous Notion That Life Begins At Incorporation?! POLITICAL BUTTONThe Best Things in Life are Not Things - Faith, Joy, Mercy, etc around border-POLITICAL BUTTONPeace n. the whole of life ANTI-WAR BUTTON


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