POEM: A Choiring, Raw Youth

Their raw youth
Was tenderly witnessed
By age owed eyes
Their awkward glory
Surpassing polished
More than could ever anew

This poem is a reminder to both young and old about the raw of youth, the vim and vigor, -filled ebullience, and -filled awkwardness.  This poem can be understood without additional context, though the title — A Choiring, Raw Youth — is perhaps both a clue and enigma.  This poem was inspired by a high school choir performing at the retirement where my dad lives.  I was youthful in compare to the rest of the audience, but, I am at that age where high school look look younger every year — and eventually either they or I will be issued diapers!  The and of age — age owed eyes — may be uniquely able to appreciate the stunning juxtaposition of adolescent awkwardness and untainted talent.  For me, this elicited great and .  It is a rare day that I would trade age for youth.  Though I frequently quip that youth is wasted on the young.  Still, even this quip is a cloaked compliment at the glory of youth, in of its awkwardness and blooming energy.  Their performance made a home for .  And as they headed out into the world, I that their freshness will continue to make this place we call earth ever anew.  I was bettered by the presence of their performance.  May people of ages give way to their fresh and awkward glory.

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