POEM: The Wanders of Love

Sow marvel as
Among uninhibited meadows
And the forgotten in down towns
Wile in difference razes
Its ugly ahead
Only out lusting
Less than a flower
And eyes never looking into

This poem is and to the frolicking sovereignty of .  As the great theologian Forrest Gump might say, “ is as does.”  The World Doesn't Want To Be Saved, It Wants To Be Loved -- and that's how you save it POLITICAL BUTTON doesn’t seem prone to be tied down, although occasionally some try to nail it down.  likes open feels and seeks out the intriguing gaze of the homeless living in the neck of the woulds of vacant homes aplenty.  Mean wile, the close-fisted strike out in idol exploits, only to have, their lies , slip between ’s fingers, gleaning less regard, then a flower, in ayes without a parent purpose.

May you be wholed the wonderings and wanderings of love, and not miss take what might be sow impotent after .

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