Obama: I Am The Bomb

As the world careens toward the increasingly surreal, we now officially live in a world where one winner, Barack Obama, has bombed another Nobel Prize winner, Doctors Without Borders.  I nominate Barack as the worst winner ever.  I think the the committee should rescind its award, and, at least, add a proviso that any winner who violently attacks another Nobel peace prize winner will have their award rescinded.

Obama Nobel peace Prize Winner Bombs Nobel peace Prize winnerPlease feel free to widely share this graphic, which can also be printed out as a poster.

MLK I Have a Dream - Obama - I Have a Drone ANTI-WAR BUTTON

Here is my previous take on a juxtaposition of winners, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Please join me in reminding Mr. that we want our to be realized, not our nightmares!

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