POEM: Fully Human When Wholly Divine

From wear
You ask
Came quiet
A storm
At the end
Of won’s rope
The blest piece
Ever no’ing still
Falling in too
A too small to handle
A too big to grasp
Laughing at what was wince
A mirror
A side
Having passed
The looking class
And seeing
The phase of
Fully human
When wholly divine

This poem is about glimpsing beyond the veil and rooting one’s in the mysteries experienced from the other side, from passing through the looking glass.  Of course, if unaware or too deeply skeptical to lend any credence to such experiences, then you can also reliably fall back on manifest directly into this realm, as Victor Hugo, in his classic, Les Miserables, says, “To another person is to see the face of .”  To love another person is to see the face of God. Victor Hugo, Les Miserables quote SPIRITUAL BUTTON is love and we only need to see love to see .  May you see love wherever you are looking, even if you don’t happen to be looking for love.

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