POEM: You’re Ass It’s Monetized

You're ass

This is a good Monday poem, as millions return to where their value as human beings takes a back seat to their value as moneymaking machines.  In our capitalistic , when monetization meets , monetization wins far too often.  Apologists for , with scarce , claim that such monetization fuels civilization.  Well, if valuing capital over workers, over people, is the foundation of civilization, then I oppose civilization.  I recognize that most capitalists don't object to , it definitely softens some of the harsh social consequences of profiteering.  Of course, when profiteering collides with , which it inevitably will, the and humane choice or priority is to preserve and advance humanity, not profit.  The workings of , often referred to with as the “,” poses as that which all worthwhile seems to depend upon.  This is a lie.  This is inhumane at best, at worst.  is a tool.  People should not be tools.

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