POEM: Show Down With That

A mid-afternoon cloud drifts along
Down below, high noon stretches into its fourth hour
Brazen vapors pining to be seen
A vain tease its silver linings
To dormant soles never looking up
Know glorious rays today!
As out laud
No show down with that
A stare way to
Or sight unseeing
Such a gossamer cover-up
Of so lean

I started this poem in a notebook earlier this year while out for a walk and stopping to admire the clouds. I finished it recently; a bit unusual given the dozens of pages of unfinished in my poetical . This poem struck me as a good Monday poem, especially after unexpectedly nice weekend weather. As many people head back to on Monday, this poem is a reminder to look up and the majesty that is . Appreciating the little things in is the stuff of .

is not particularly adept at hiding itself. Still, people often find a way to allow to go unwitnessed for extended periods of . Nature bids us . Outbidding nature is dangerous to our . May you find your leaning to .

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