POEM: Inexplicably Wonderful

The of
Is quite inexplicably wonderful
But not
Teams of scientists
Are working
Around the clock
To redress this problem

has its limits.  In practice, I am a skeptic of much is wonderful.  The foundation for being wonderful is that it is a , something we received without any effort or merit of our own.  This foundation of life as a is the most natural springboard for is the antidote for .  Try it.  Try being and grateful at the same .  Nearly impossible.  Of course, this poem mocks a particular form of , that of scientific skepticism.  Scientific skepticism is a to some, even a .  Not without deep , many of these same folks view as a .  I find very few scientific skeptics as happy and carefree.  While I appreciate the ethic aroused by deep commitments, empirical skepticism, , is simply unable to answer the most important in life.  Over-committed skeptics regularly rule out contemplating as a legitimate enterprise.  If they do find some subtle tricks to allow for , these heavenly concepts are confined to cramped quarters with narrow doors and frequently with no windows to larger realities.  There may just be no explaining my wonderful, carefree frolicking about.  Well, deal with it — and preferably not as a problem…

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