POEM: Passing Through Sublime Daze

I pass through
Sublime daze
Uninterrupted by alarms
Or dread lines
Clothed in a peril so frayed
I am practically naked
To the whirled
To wit each mourn
I live in that last squeeze of toothpaste
And that first blush of
Calling me out
Of every manor ad mired
Lodging in my
I live in vast open spaces
That most rush buy
Like the homeless
With mansions to build
I live off what others store as waist
In small bytes
And simulated living
I lay away
With every breath
The air of my weighs
I have little
And want even less
I am
As I am
Fed up with
Save that primordial
Well, I declare
I live on

I my .  I .  This poem is a tribute to my relaxed .  I relish my seasons without an alarm clock.  I delight in sojourning along the road less traveled, so I don’t have to wait in those dreaded lines chock full of people trying to get to the same place, who often are at a at how they got stuck in the cruel trafficking of .  I welcome a naked as an irrepressible weed in a human landscape with more concrete than effervescent spirits.  I am fond of my wanderings daily leading me to the savor of the world, where the mundane and the meet, whether it be a revel without a cause or a long-sought .  I delight in experiencing the better portion of , not by having more, but by wanting .  Ideal in letting go, sow can Marvel me with super powers.  inspires me, and the err that is human finds a gentle hommé as the human lungs forward.  I am.  Enough.  Living on.  That which know name can udder.

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