POEM: Heaven Unearth


Your hand in mine
And I will
The rest
Of the whirled
My feat barely
The ground
Where and earth meet
Giving thanks
For earthly existence
And your heavenly
Saying a
For the forever lust
And for
That is right

Alright people, it's only a week away from 's Day!  I promise to help fulfill my that loved ones everywhere get a poem.  So, will you be doing your part on 's Day?  You are free to pawn any of my for a little .  Here are some suggested (only somewhat suggestive) : Stolen Glances, Our Weekend Away, Relationship Advice, Unconvincing, and Love Tag.  As I have been prone to say: I want to inspire you; that is, I want to breathe you in!  I will craft a poem suitable, or perhaps unsuitable, for my sweetheart, an audience of won!  WARNING: a 's Day without may put you at for settling for

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