POEM: Feet Grounded

People who insist on having their feet firmly on the ground
Often become intimately familiar with the top of their shoes

The attachment to knowing and , and the quest for , can lead to a focus too narrow for one’s own good.  So-called realism can lead to tunnel vision.  Plus, sticking with the feet metaphor, to move, walk, or run, you need to lift your feet off the ground.  In fact, the more mobile, agile, adaptive you are, the more attention you need to pay to your , especially new information coming into view or from the horizon.  It can be an elusive striking a of being familiar with where you are at and taking in and processing emerging information extending out from oneself.  Like I have been known to say: It takes a big man to have their head in the clouds and their feet on the ground.  May you grow to wondrously fit whatever is in your path, rising to any occasion, or nimbly navigating any narrow passages.

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