POEM: Confused

If you are confused, you are well on your way

can be complicated.  If you delve into the intricacies of most any situation or topic, you will find many shades of gray, and undoubtedly some or contradictions.  If you find this confusing, then consider that a sign that you are well on your way.  Another version of this is: “If you are confused, then you are beginning to understand the problem.”  Certainly, having a deep and nuanced understanding of any situation or topic can offer great benefits.  Knowing the about can be much better than not knowing the about .  However, sheer knowledge has its limits and can bring with increasing effort exerted.  At some point it may even bring negative returns.  This brink or end of knowledge can be the beginning of .  The learned add something each day; the wise let go of something each day.  A key facet of is unlearning, letting go of ways that no longer well.  Increasing complexity is not the strength that offers, but rather .  Organizing one’s around a few things that one is confident about is much wiser than building an increasingly complex, teetering pile of less certain and less valued stuff.  In the wise words of Lao-tse: “I have just three things to teach: , , . These three are your greatest treasures.”  Of course, in , capitalistic, , complexity, impatience, and unadulterated self-interest are virtues cultivated.  Complexity overwhelms in a juggernaut of competing interests meeting shallow needs.  Impatience serves as a imposter of the eternal now.  trumps .  If you find these clashing confusing, take , , and for a test drive. Still, don’t be surprised if many around you find your new ways increasingly confusing.  Knowing the world is knowledge.  Knowing others is wisdom.  Knowing oneself is .  And many get stuck on knowledge.

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