POEM: Good News, Bad News

I have good news and bad news
The bad news:
God called and he said he wants his religion back
The good news:
He didn’t call collect

The gap between the actual practice of religion and the sacred principles held dear by every major faith present in the world requires grace to be reconciled.  The relatively popular and all-too-common view that God is punishing is perhaps the most fundamental misconception in religion.  God is love.  Love does not seek to punish.  If you want to punish people, please recognize that that impulse is not in alignment with God’s will.  The desire to punish others is a misguided human impulse.  Attributing your own desire to hurt others — or, conveniently, have another punish them for you — only adds insult to injury.  The belief in hell is the perfection of projecting human shortcomings onto God.  There is plenty of hell to go around, created by humans on earth.  Wanting to see further misery added to this is simply sadistic.  The gospel, literally “good news,” is that when God calls it won’t be as a debt collector, but rather as a lover seeking to woo you into a deeper relationship.  Now that’s a call I can answer!

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