POEM: Disillusionment

You say that you’re disillusioned like it’s a bad thing

My whole I’ve heard people talk about being disillusioned in one way or another.  Not once have I heard this with anything but a negative connotation.  This one line poem alludes to another way.  Some years ago, it dawned on me that losing your is a great thing.  may, in fact, be one of the grandest goals in life.  What greater can be attained than aligning one’s with reality, as it is, not as we happen to think it is.  And how can this happen except by letting go of our illusions?  I would like to see reclaim the term disillusionment.  Will you join me in claiming an of when our run into and those lose handedly?  Let’s rejoice at this inescapable process of on the way to and more truthful living.  Alas, springs eternal, even in the face of determined cynicism.

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