POEM: Awkward Phase

I often find myself stuck in that awkward between birth and

My Dad is fond of saying, “The only constant is change.”   is dynamic.   teaches that no thing is permanent in itself; but rather that every thing exists within a constantly changing relationship with everything else.  Thus, the centrality of impermanence in thought.  If you think that things are “stuck” or even on a plateau, then your perception is illusory.  Of course, this perception of “stuckness” or permanence is commonplace.  The awkward moment or phase is when one realizes that all of is in this condition of impermanence!  Of course, the “all of life” is typically placed between”birth and death.”  Philosophers, theologians, and metaphysicians are also inclined to ponder after and/or before birth.  Cynics are bound to ponder whether there is between birth and death!  Either way, impermanence remains in all of life’s glory.  If you don’t like it, just wait, things will change!

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