POEM: The Innies and Outies of the Birthday of US

Here is a tribute to the debate going on in the United States, as we celebrate the birthday of U.S., with a tip of the hat to Dr. Suess' Butter Battle Book, where the was over and between those who butter their bread on the up side versus those who butter their bread on the down side.

The Innies and Outies of the Birthday of US

Go forth Julio
A nay sayin' of immigrants
A fraud of crossing the stream of
Overlooking the rio
Parent of us all
Pissing off a thousand generations
Bordering on the mad
Someone with a pitchfork
Aside a woman with a torch
Asking only for what just US demands
Give me you tard
You're huddled masses
Earning to breathe
The wretched
Of your teaming
We herd you
Dividing as you multiply
Separating those who may be bonded
Due to accidents of birth
Still born of dis chord
Wile won for all
Hominies forgotten
And little southern comfort
For hospitalities stolen
Fore what fills their belly
Whether buttoning up
Whether buttoning down
In discriminating
Of segregation
Of crossing boarders
Sojourning on

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