POEM: Slow Boat to China

Some days
I feel like
I'm on
A slow boat
Then it hits me
More like
Being water boarded

My is generally at a pretty relaxed pace, and with this I have no complaints.  However, when I look at the of the world, it seems that we are amidst an excruciatingly long process characterized by a big dose of and a shockingly resilient lack of self- on the way to a place I'm sure that not very many people actually want to go.  I like the reference in the slow boat to  phrase, because the conventional seems to be that the Chinese and is a juggernaut, not a particularly desirable one, but probably one that has to be emulated in the race to the bottom.  And, as they say: “If you keep going the same direction, you'll end up where you're headed.”  In the battle to maintain a positive in what seems to be a herd of lemmings heading toward a cliff, occasionally this fits the old adage: hours of boredom punctuated by sheer terror.  However, when the terror and hits, it is increasingly in the states, both blue and red (also states of ), as opposed to overseas.  For what we send out into the world eventually comes home to roost.  Unfortunately, terror is a brother to (though I am not sure which one is the ).  So, how does one cope when waterboarding comes to ?  I'm guessing that the answer involves more than just surfing the internet…

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