Homophobia – Now That’s a Choice!

Homophobia – Now That’s a Choice BUTTON

Homophobia - Now That's a Choice - Rainbow Pride Bar--Gay Pride Rainbow Store BUTTON

Homophobia – Now That’s a Choice – Rainbow Pride Bar – BUTTON

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Homophobes like to focus on the idea that sexual orientation is chosen, at least homosexual orientation!  how if you ask a person when they chose their sexual orientation it seems like a question to them.  Strangely some heterosexuals think that homosexuals choose their sexual orientation.  Well, this double standard or is made even more by focusing on what actually is a choice, that is whether to discriminate on persons based on their sexual orientation.  is a choice.  Tolerance and is a choice.  is a choice.  Sexual orientation is not a choice.  Sexual orientation is something we are born with; it is -given, a gift.

Of course, condemning people for something for which they have no choice is cruel at best.  Nonetheless,  it seems that homophobes have to believe that being gay is a choice.   It makes no sense to speak of something as or immoral if there is not a choice involved!   Now, sexual behavior is a choice, but holding that persons of homosexual orientation cannot act in any way on that orientation is absurd.  First, sexual orientation and is way more than simply sexual acts, it  is a fundamental way in which we relate to partners.  To deny this aspect for another human being is denying that human being a basic human right.  Most anti-gay comes from traditions.  In the United States, the anti-gay comes largely from Christianity.  All you have to do is start reading the in Genesis to see that it all starts out so good, good, good, good, good!  The first thing in the that is declared to not be good, is that Adam is alone.  To insist that the only way that somebody can be is to be alone and unable to choose a partner violates the very first principle that laid out in the concerning how we were created for one another and how meant for us to live in partnership.  I think the got it right in Genesis.

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