POLITICAL CARTOON: Free Market Jesus – Blessed Are The Amoral

Free Jesus Speaks!

Jesus Cartoon: Free Market Jesus - Blessed Are Those Who Let The Market Decide Your Morals

Welcome to Free Jesus!  This is a new series of that will run on Sundays, featuring Free Jesus, Country Club Jesus, Gen. Jesus, Comedian Jesus, and who knows what other incarnations!

This week’s comic captures the and sociopathy of the free market.  People are agents, or least people should be agents.  Free markets are not agents.  Unfortunately, though, people who function with the amoral boundaries of the so-called free relinquish their agency to other human beings, or worse yet, to inert matter.  Further, agents really don’t get the choice of being amoral.  The vain of distinctly falls into the category of immorality.  I see the near attachment to the idea of a free primarily as a way to avoid personal responsibility for one’s actions and how they may affect others.  Part of being a human being is taking responsibility for one’s actions.  You can’t outsource your personal responsibility, no matter how hard you try, or how little you try, as the case may be.  This lack of free choice in whether we are responsible for our own actions, is what Jean-Paul Sartre termed “condemned to be free.”  is a part of human existence; though, is subject to much debate, mostly running along the lines of either how mysterious is, or how absurd free will is.  Either way we seem to be stuck with free will, however that maybe.  Of course, you run across the occasional person who doesn’t believe in free will.  Though, apparently, they are forced to believe this, so don’t be too hard on them.  Some days it’s difficult to be complicated dirt, especially when another mistakes us for human!

The Jesus graphic is modified from the famous Sacred painting that will be recognized by many, particularly those who are Roman Catholic.  Please note that the inscription on Jesus’ heart, “ is God,” is a slight takeoff on the proverbial “ is good.”  While this is technically a pun, the root word for and good are so close that it barely counts.  Hopefully, this elicits what I would consider a simple definition of God which would be that which is of the good.  This doesn’t necessarily require a traditional view of God, but may provide some common ground between more traditionally people and those who have trouble with the word or concept of God.  I that those readers who are more traditionally will not find my parodying of Jesus offensive.  My are actually intended to cut through the bull shit of what passes for conventional wisdom, morality, or religious these days, and reveal the seed of that is often overlooked or under-appreciated.  I think Jesus would approve.  Any honest reading of what words are attributed to Jesus, and you have to admit that Jesus had a sense of humor.  For those of you who aren’t really big on God, I that these Jesus make some truths more accessible.

We can’t afford the free market!  The free is the bane of and the nadir of scientific reductionism.

So, until next Sunday, with the next edition of Free Jesus, talk amongst yourselves or let me know what you think.

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