POEM: She Came

She came down the street
With such a scowl
Such a deep…
One-couldn’t-imagine demeanor
Her whole body
Like a wrecking ball
Laying waste
To before her
Everyone’s back to this wall
Only hoping
To escape
The coming wrath
A tsunami
Only as dry as ice
Wear winter takes all
And there I found myself
As I had taken that place before her
Like a frozen desert
Hopeless in every bearing
Destined that the last shall be thirst
And all else is a mirage
Drawing lines in the sand
Wading patiently
In a sea of tacts
As some badass mama deity
Protecting cubs who weren’t
To be
Over run
Only too cross
A beach no less
As we meet
Whirls, a part
For what
Could she give
A tidal wave
Bending this read
She screams out, “!!…Man!!”
As she passes
Gone as soon as she came
Onlookers mumbling
Dude, what were you thinkin’?
I don’t know
I wasn’t paying attention to the outside
I thought I caught a glimpse of her inner
As down the street she came
And I said to myself
Wouldn’t it be nice
If she were to scream out my name

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