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Peace, Anti-War, Political slogans, funny sayings, quotes

Apathy A Conflict of Disinterest

Another American for Peace

Another Patriot for Peace

All Politics is Loco

Another Toledoan for Peace

All Weapons Are Boomerangs

All Wars are Wholly Wars

Ban Censors Donít Let ___ Stop___

Bread Not Bombs Flour Power - Itís the Yeast We Can Do                 View All Peace Designs

Bread Not Bombs We Knead the Dough

Drunk on Power - Am I the Only One Who Sees This - GOP Greedy Oil Plunderers - pink elephant picture

Donít Tolerate Intolerance: Itís the ONLY Acceptable Way

Exercise the First Amendment - Use It or Lose It

Guns Donít Kill People - People Who Teach Violence Do

Got Justice - got milk parody                                              View All Political Activism Designs

Got MLK - Martin Luther King Jr - got milk parody

Give Peas a Chance

Health Care is a Right Not a Privilege

Hate is the Utter Lack of Creativity

Homeland Security - Think Outside the Box Cutter - Education Health Care Jobs

Iím a Goddess Damned Liberal

I Do Peace Work

Iíd Give My Right Arm for No Arms

I Knead Bread Not Bombs

I Prefer Men Out of Uniform

It Takes Enemas for War to Happen

I Want You To Die a Meaningless Death To Sustain a Lifestyle that Will Ultimately Destroy the Earth

If You Think that the Poor are Hard to Get Rid of Try the Rich

Jail Bird - The Official Bird in the State of War

Just Duet - Gandhi-King

Justice Is No Yoke - Isaiah 58:6

Know War - No War

Live for Your Country Not Kill

Live Simply So Others May Simply Live

Love Your Enemies - It Really Messes with Their Minds

March For Justice - and every other month

Make Love Not War

Make Light of War - Light Makes Right

Not in My Name - Not in Any Name - SOA WHISC - Close the SOA

National Oil Reserves - US troops

No War with blue background

No War with bullet holes

No War - Peace is Patriotic - Democracy Thrives on Dissent        View All Anti-War Designs

No War with rainbow background

No War with yellow background

Pacifism - A Way of Life - Man Does Not Die By Bled Alone

Profits Have Foretold Many Wars

Peace is Fun

Peace is Kidís Stuff

Peace is Parish-able

Peace is Parish-able - rainbow version

Peace - Just Due It                                               View All Peace Designs

Peacemakers Need Bull Proof Vests

Peace - One Side Fits All - Peace Dove

Power Requires Consent

Peace is Patriotic - Peace Sign - Peace Symbol

Peace Veteran - We are Known by Our Convictions - Peace Dove

Peace - Won for All - Peace Dove

Resistance is Feudal

Same Name - Killed by SOA WHISC Graduate - various names - Shut the SOA

Steward Ship - Planet Earth Picture

Steal This Button

The Best Things in Life are Not Things - Faith, Joy, Mercy, etc around border

The CIA Lacks Overt Intelligence - CIA Logo

The FBI Bugs Me

The Poor Have Suffered Enough

The Pun is Mightier Than the Sword - Hit em in the Groan

Teach Peace Ė Itís Not Academic

Terrorism War-Lite - Now Sanctioned by the State 50 Percent Less

Terrorism War Without a Permit

Unarmed and Dangerous

Undertakers for War

U.S. Foreign Policy is Well Refined - Oil Company Logos

War - An Axe of Faith

War - Doing Our Doody - Weíre Number 2

War is a Crude Business - Oil Barrel

War is About Possessions - Demon picture

War is All the Rage                                             View All Anti-War Designs

War - Its Dark is Worse Than Its Light

War Ė Itís Not Worth Beings

War - Just Adieu It

GOP Pledge of Allegiance - Why Plague Leeches to the Flag Unguided Statesmen of America

War Travels By Night and Bidet

Whose Taxes Would Jesus Cut - Rich or Poor?

Will Work for Change

Will Work for Peace

WAR - Whatís it good for?

War and Peace - What Would Jesus Do?

We Want You to Invade Iraq (Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush)

You Canít Domesticate Violence

You Have the Right to Remain Silent But I Wouldnít Recommend It

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Peace, Anti-War, Political slogans, funny sayings, quotes





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