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These quote designs are on peace signs -- This is only a partial selection of peace/anti-war quotes


Abhor War Greatest Scourge of Mankind--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

African American Flag Colors PEACE SIGN--BUTTON    Browse All Peace Quotes, Anti-War Quotes on peace signs

After Each War Little Less Democracy to Save--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

After Every Victory You Have More Enemies--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

After War Hero Just Man with One Leg--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

All Cruelty Springs From Weakness--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

All Murderers Punished Unless--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

All the Arms We Need Are For Hugging--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

All War is an Atrocity--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

All War is Deception--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

All Wars Civil Wars--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

All Wars Fought for Money--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

All You Need is Love--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Always Forgive Your Enemy Nothing Annoys Them More--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Any Jackass Can Kick a Barn Down Takes a Carpenter to Build--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Anyone Can Hate It Costs to Love--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Are Bombs Only Way of Setting Fire to Peoples Spirit--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Army of Principles--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

At War With Others Because at War With Self--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON


Bad Music Bad Reasons Sound Good When March Against Enemy--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Ballot Stronger Than Bullet--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Bankrupt Ourselves in Vain Search for Absolute Security--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Be Not Angry Cannot Make Others as Wish Them to Be--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Be the Change You Want to See in the World--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Being a Pacifist Between Wars Easy as Being Vegetarian Between Meals--FUNNY PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Best Defense No Offense--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Can't Depend on Judgment When Imagination Out of Focus--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Civil Disobedience Is For People Of Peace--BUTTON    Browse All Peace Quotes, Anti-War Quotes on peace signs

Civilization Advance Every War Kill You in New Way--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Civilized Nations Have Best Implements for War--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Compulsory Cannibalism End War--FUNNY ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Conscience is the Chamber of Justice--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Courage is Price Life Exacts for Granting Peace--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Courage to Laugh Master of World as He Ready to Die--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Courage to Stand Up and Sit Down Listen--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Coward Threatens When Safe--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Cruelty and Excitement Leads Men to War--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Dangerous to be Right When Government Wrong--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Destroy Enemy Make Him a Friend--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Destroy From Within What Trying to Defend From Without--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON


Earth But One Country Mankind Its Citizens--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Easier Subjugate Entire Universe Through Force Than Minds of Single Village--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Education Better Safeguard Than Standing Army--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Education is the Vaccine for Violence--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Empire Founded By War Maintained By War--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

End Move in Politics Always Pick Up Gun--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON


Every Gun Made Every Warship Launched--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Far Easier to Make War Than Peace--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Fight for Principles--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Fight the Rich Not Their Wars--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Fighting Monsters Freidrich Nietzsche Quote--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

For Every Problem There is a Solution that is Simple Neat and Wrong--FUNNY PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Force Always Attracts Men of Low Morality--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Force is the Weapon of the Weak--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Government Has Duty to Avoid War--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Governments Need Enemies--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Guns Bombs Rockets Warships All Symbols of Human Failure--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

History Littered with Wars Everybody Knew Would Ever Happen--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Hopeful Symbolism Flags Don't Wave in Vacuum--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Hospital Alone Shows What War Is--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Human Race has one really effective weapon: laughter--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON


I Hate War - War Settles Nothing--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

I Hate War--BUTTON          Browse All Peace Quotes, Anti-War Quotes on peace signs

I Will Fight No More Forever--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Ideal Weapons System Built in 435 Congressional Districts Doesn't Matter If Works--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

If Do Not Change Direction End Up Where Headed--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

If Everyone Demanded Peace Instead of Another Television Set There'd Be Peace--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

If God is Just I Tremble for My Country--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

If Have No Peace Because Forgotten Belong to One Another--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

If No Enemy Within Enemy Without Cannot Harm--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON


If Soldiers Were to Think None Would Remain in Army--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

If Use Brutal Methods Become Brutal--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

If We Don't End War War Will End Us--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

If You Want Peace Work for Justice--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

If You Want to Make Your Dreams Come True Wake Up--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

In Peace Sons Bury Fathers In War Fathers Bury Sons--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

In Politics Stupidity Is Not a Handicap--FUNNY PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

In Times of Universal Deceit Telling Truth a Revolutionary Act--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

In War Honoring Dead Preventing Dead--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

In War No Unwounded Soldiers--PEACE SIGN BUTTON


Inspired By Inherent Beauty Not Manufactured Hate--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Job of Thinking People Not to be on Side of Executioners--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Joy is Most Infallible Sign Presence of God--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Killing Under Cloak of War Act of Murder--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Laws Silent in Times of War--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Leaves of Grass Peace Flag - Patriotic BUTTON

Live Together in Peace--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Love of Country--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Loyalty to Country and Government--PEACE SIGN BUTTON


Mankind Deserves Sacrifice But Not of Mankind--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Men Menstruate by Shedding Other People's Blood--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Met Enemy He Is Us--PEACE SIGN BUTTON        Browse All Peace Quotes, Anti-War Quotes on peace signs

Military Justice Military Music--FUNNY ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

More Easily Fall Victim to Big Lie Than a Small One--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

More Hunger for Love Appreciation in World Than Bread--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

My Country Right or Wrong Like My Mother Drunk or Sober--FUNNY PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

My Humanity Bound Up in Yours--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Name Emperor Ever Struck By Cannonball--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Nation Secure While Honest Truthful Virtuous--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Never Doubt Small Group Change World--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Never Good War Bad Peace--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Never Need Argument Against Violence--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

No Defeat in Nonviolence--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

No Excuse to Kill--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

No Flag Large Enough to Cover Shame of Killing Innocent People--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

No Health Well Adjusted to Profoundly Sick Society--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

No More Win War Than Win Earthquake--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

No Permanent Good From Untruth and Violence--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

No Situation So Dismal Policeman Can't Make Worse--FUNNY PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

No Warlike People Just Warlike Leaders--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

No Way to Peace, Peace is the Way--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Non Cooperation with Evil is a Sacred Duty--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Nonviolence Doesn't Always Work But Violence Never Does--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Nonviolence is Organized Love--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Not Against All War Just Current War--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Not Blame Those Who Rule Those Greater Readiness to Submit--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Not Disturbing Peace Disturbing War--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Not Force Liberty--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Not Monuments that Teach Us History It's the Ruins--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Not Your Obligation to Complete Your Work But Not at Liberty to Quit--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Nothing More Agreeable Than Making Peace With Establishment Nothing More Corrupting--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Nothing War Achieved Could Not Better Achieve Without--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

O Peace How Many Wars Were Waged in Thy Name--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Object of War Not to Die for Your Country But Make Other Bastard Die for His--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Old Men Dream Up Wars for Young Men to Die In--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Old Soldiers Never Die--BUTTON

Once Game Over King and Pawn Go Back in Same Box--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

One More Such Victory and We Are Undone--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

One Ship a Terrorist Whole Fleet an Emperor--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Only Thing Necessary for Triumph of Evil is for Good Men to do Nothing--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Party Line No Party Line--BUTTON

Patriotism Recognizes Virtue of Those Who Oppose Us--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Patriotism Willingness to Kill be Killed for Trivial Reasons--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Peace Begins at Home--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Peace Begins When the Hungry Are Fed--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Peace is Always Beautiful--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Peace is Constructed Not Fought For--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Peace is Our Gift to Each Other--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Peace is Work of Education--PEACE SIGN BUTTON       Browse All Peace Quotes, Anti-War Quotes on peace signs

Peace Justice Two Sides Same Coin--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Peaceful Revolution--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

People Promote Peace More Than Governments--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

People Want Peace Government Better Get Out of Way--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Permit No Man Degrade Soul by Making Me Hate--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Poetry Act of Peace--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Power is Not Wisdom--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Power Thinks Doing God's Service When Violating All God's Laws--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Power to Make Believe Absurdities Power to Commit Injustices--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Price of Empire America's Soul--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Real Lasting Victories of Peace Not War--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Real Miracle to Walk on Earth--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Real Test of Power to Prevent War--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Rebellion to Tyrants Obedience to God--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Refuse Politics Governed by Inferiors--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Render Clear Blindingly Conspicuous--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Right is Right Wrong is Wrong--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Risks Making War Risks to Secure Peace--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Sad Truth Most Evil Done By People Never Make Up Minds to be Good or Evil--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Someday They'll Give a War and Nobody Will Show Up--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Stop Terrorism Stop Participating in Terrorism--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Terrorism War of Poor War Terrorism of Rich--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

The Sinews of War are Infinite Money--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

There Is No Way to Peace Peace Is the Way--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Thing Not Necessarily True Because Man Dies for It--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

To Kill a Man is Not to Defend a Doctrine But to Kill a Man--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

Tragedy of War Use Man's Best to Do Man's Worst--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

True Power When Have Justification to Kill and Don't--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Urge to Save Humanity Urge to Rule It--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Violence Always Rebounds--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Violence Concealed by Lies Maintained by Violence--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Violence First Refuge of Incompetent--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Violence Temporary Good Evil Permanent--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Violence the Repartee of the Illiterate--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Wage War Like Physical Giants Peace Like Intellectual Pygmies--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

War as Wicked has its Fascination War as Vulgar Will Cease to be Popular--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

War Brain Splattering Windpipe Splitting Art--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War Breeds Endless War--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War But Murder in Uniform--PEACE SIGN BUTTON      Browse All Peace Quotes, Anti-War Quotes on peace signs

War Cowardly Escape--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War Creates Peace Like Hate Creates Love--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

War Delightful to Those Who Have Not Experienced It--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

War Does Not Make Boys Men War Makes Men Dead--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

War Doesn't Determine Who is Right Only Who is Left--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

War Dreaded Enemy of Public Liberty--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War Excuse for Domestic Tyranny--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War God's Way of Teaching Us Geography--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

War Has All Characteristics of Socialism Most Conservatives Hate--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON


War is Continuation of Politics By Other Means--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON


War is Fear Cloaked in Courage--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War is Greatest Plague--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War is Hell--BUTTON

War is Quarrel Between Thieves Too Cowardly to Fight Own Battle--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

War is the Business of Barbarians--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

War is the Health of the State--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War is Tool of Small Minded Scoundrels--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

War is Wretched--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War Just Big Government Program--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War Makes Good History But Peace Is Poor Reading--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON


War Punishment to Punisher--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

War Would End If Dead Could Return--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Wars Inevitable as Long as Believe War is Inevitable--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

We Do Not Inherit Earth From Fathers Borrow from Children--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

What is More Immoral Than War--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

When in Doubt Tell Truth--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

When Power of Love Overcomes Love of Power World Will Know Peace--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

When Rich Make War the Poor Die--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

When Women Have a Voice in National and International Affairs Wars Will Cease Forever--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Whenever on Side of Majority Pause and Reflect--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Why Kill People Who Kill People to Show Killing People Wrong--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Win a War as Disastrous as to Lose--PEACE SIGN BUTTON

Worst Crimes Dared by Few Willed by More Tolerated by All--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

You Can Lead a Man to Slaughter But You Can't Make Him Think--FUNNY ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTON

You Cannot Simultaneously Prevent and Prepare for War--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

You Don't Get Harmony When Everyone Sings Same Note--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Browse All Peace Quotes, Anti-War Quotes on peace signs

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