Occupy Facebook?

For you fellow facebookers and would-be occupiers here is a visual call to get off facebook, hit the streets, and occupy!  Feel free to share before you hit the streets…

Occupy Facebook?


POEM: Life is a 45 Record

Life is a 45 record
Most of us are playing it as a 78
Or perhaps we are being played
Few are old enough to get this
Even fewer are wise enough

Most of us lived life rushed.  For those of us old enough to remember 45 records AND 78 records (or record players), 78s were played at a much faster speed.  Playing any 45 record at 78 is likely to sound more chipmunkish than human.  If chipmunk sounds normal to you then you probably don’t get this.  If chipmunk sounds envelop your life and you find this annoying, then there is hope.  The wise slow down and experience life as it is meant to be…

P.S. If you don’t know what a record is, don’t worry, it isn’t any kind of record.